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Bird Baths PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 15 May 2009 15:14

Bird Bath Guide

Your guide to bird baths for gardens

A bird bath is a really useful addition to any garden, it allows birds to pfizer viagra uk'>pfizer viagra uk bathe and cool themselves as well as ridding themselves of mites and dirt in their feathers.

Bird baths are also a source of fresh water for your garden birds.

Bird baths are made from all sorts of materials, including stone, concrete, metal and resin. They range from a simple shallow water bowl to more complex ones with features such as heaters, fountains, drippers and misters. The best bird baths are similar to puddles, so they shouldn't be too deep with a maximum of about three inches.

A bird bath bottom should not be too smooth, as garden birds need to be able to get a secure footing. If it is too smooth, sprinkle some gravel or flat stones in the bottom of the bath. Bird baths can be mounted on buy real viagra online a pedestal or simply site them on your lawn or decking. Some bird baths are self-refillable or integrated into a garden pond.

These guide provides details of bird baths we have seen on the market. If you are looking to buy a Bird Bath online, try

bird bath

Pedestal Bird Bath

Pedestal Bird Baths are the most common the market and is pfizer levitra 50mg'>pfizer levitra 50mg what most people think of wow it's great online viagra sales when they think of bird baths. The designs range from traditional to the ultra modern types with a wide range of materials used from stone to viagra dosage'>viagra dosage metal. Pedestal Bird Baths are available in all shapes, sizes and budgets.

heated bird bath

Heated Bird Baths

Heated birth baths allow birds to bathe all year round and to have a fresh source of water when snow and ice have covered every available water source. Small birds particularly find a heated bird bath useful since they can be chased off open water sources by larger birds. Baths can be heated in a variety of ways and often will come with squirrel-proofing to stop them taking over the bath and scaring off birds.

 bird mister

Bird Bath Misters

Bird Bath Misters allow birds to be gently sprayed with cool water during the hottest days of the summer. They're like sprinklers for birds – you set them up near foliage and birds will 'leaf-bathe', or rub themselves against the wet leaves to clean dust from their feathers and cool down.

dripping bird bath

Bird Bath Drippers

These can be set up within a bird bath and give birds a fresh, gentle shower while they bathe. Drippers also are perfect when a water conservation watch is on – you can still provide your avian visitors with a water feature while using as little water as possible, which means that both you and they will be happy and cool this summer. You'll also save on your water bill at other times of the year.

hanging bird bath

Hanging Bird Baths

Hanging Bird Baths can be suspended from a branch or fixing and so are out of the reach of cats. Since they are quite shallow the water needs to be changed daily.

ground bird bath

Ground Bird Baths

Ground Bird Baths are great for birds that like to be close to the ground, a ground bird bath is great. Only use a Ground Bird Bath in a cat free garden and change the water daily.

If you are looking to buy a Bird Bath online, try

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