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Originally Posted by hawkeye View Post
A few miles from where we live is a lovely walk along a small
stream which leads into a major river, we have breeding
Dippers, Kingfishers, and a very rare Lesser Spotted
woodpecker, unfortunately we don't often see
them, only its bigger cousin, I have just bought
a new Nikon P900 camera, and sold all my heavy
gear, and admitted I am a bit long in the tooth
for carrying all this heavy gear, I must say
I have been impressed with the results.
I love my P900, and whilst I'm sure DSLR+ in lenses gives "better" results, the P900 better suits my requirements, most impressively (for me) with smaller subjects like dragonflies and butterflies. Enjoy yours, and I'd love to see pics of the lesser spotted pecker if you ever catch up with it.

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