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Neil; I've just found that post again. Only, this time I'm not so rushed for time.

May I ....?

Ok; The above sounds like what it probably is. A 'public statement' from the BTO GBW team. Something put together and reviewed to hell. Picked over to make sure it says all the right things. Presses all the right buttons. 'Appeals' to the widest audience.

Here's what it's Really like. From the sharp end:

Ye join up, slinging them a paltry few quid towards the wages of the small staff of complete ~ and highly qualified ~ Fanatics they employ, just to keep abreast of what's pouring in from 'You'. Ye ten, fifteen quid a year, what ever it is, pays the BTO to pay the Top Brains to sort out stuff 'Mrs Jones, Acacia Ave, Middlesex' faithfully reports. They then collate and extrapolate and present this stuff to 10, Downing St !

This is where Broadaheet Newspapers and such gain such reports like " Birds In Decline ~ Better Get Our Bums In Gear! " from. You and I, people ~ via the BTO. We can make history here!

For your part? Ye'll likely start by just noticing what's in ye garden. Maybe even wondering what it is? Then, prompted by what 'GBW' will tell ye, ye'll start looking that bit closer. Ye'll learn about what to feed those birds ..... Open wide. Because Hook, Line and Sinker will be fast to follow!

I promise ye; Before ye know where ye are, You Will become completely addicted! To, probably, one of The most worth while, rewarding and just down right Enjoyable Ways of Life which no one's yet been arrested for.

Wake up. Get up. Kettle on. Even as it boils, ye'll be counting the birds on those recently put up Feeders. Mentally noting which feeders, filled with which feeds, are getting what. Jotting it all down will become more important that that first sip.

From Bread Chucker to pager addicted Twitcher; We all love our cuppa. And that's all it takes to make a Huge difference, for the Birds. Just sign up to the BTO's Garden Bird Watch. Please!

Then, maybe, we can Really get talking about things here?
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