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Exclamation About the Bird Atlas 2007-11

It is now over 15 years since the BTO finished the fieldwork for the last breeding atlas and over 20 years since the last winter atlas.

In the intervening period much has happened to Britain and Irelandís habitats and climate but how have our birds been affected?

The BTO need your help - out in the field counting birds to turn the question marks on the map into dots - and with the financial support necessary to organise the work, analyse the results and produce the final atlas.

Contact your Regional Organiser, or Sign-up Online, to find out where help is needed.

There are two ways to help the BTO:

Timed Tetrad Visits
Record all the birds you see and hear in a 2km x 2km square. Visit for an hour or more in the winter and breeding season.

Roving Records
Any bird, anytime, anywhere. If you see it, record it, and the BTO will map it.

You can request a square to cover for Timed Tetrad Visits without registering for Bird Atlas Online. However, we strongly encourage you to register - then you view maps of your tetrads, submit your records online, and see how results develop.

To find out how you can take part, visit BTO Bird Atlas 2007-11
Neil Rigby
Birding UK
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