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Exclamation About the BTO Garden BirdWatch

BTO Garden BirdWatch is a year-round project that gathers important information on how different species of birds use gardens and how this use changes over time. Gardens are an important habitat for many wild birds, providing a useful refuge for those affected by changes in the management of our countryside.

Some 16,000 participants currently take part in Garden BirdWatch and send in simple weekly records of the bird species using their gardens. This information is either submitted on paper count forms or by using Garden BirdWatch Online. Each participant also supports the project financially through an annual contribution of 15. In return, they receive the quarterly colour magazine Bird Table, count forms and access to advice on feeding and attracting garden birds.

All new joiners will receive a free copy of either the BTO/CJ Garden BirdWatch Book or Gardening for BirdWatchers.

To find out more about Garden BirdWatch visit BTO Garden BirdWatch
Neil Rigby
Birding UK
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