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Why I say Holme is the best is because I find Titchwell and Cley always have to many birders and I'm not able to find the birds mysef. Don't get me wrong I don't mind being told what the bird is but I would like to be able to id some myself.

Holme on the other hand has very few birders unless you go to the obs but I never do. Holme also has a good rareity record with birds like Black-winged Prat, Black-throated Thrush, Pallas Warbler, Ictrine Warbler, Black-eared Kite, Lesser Yellowlegs, Greenish Warbler, Surf Scoter, Sardinian Warbler and American Wigeon (those are records from 2003 to now). here are some more rarities before 2003 from holme-

Rose-breasted Grosbeak
Rock Thrush
Yellow-breasted Bunting
Ruppell's Warbler
Lesser-crested Tern
Fan-tailed Warbler
Collard Flycatcher
Nutcracker x4
Marsh Sandpipers
Glossy Ibiss
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