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Default Bushnell Elite 8x42

I've had these just over six months, so it's about time I gave people out there my thoughts on them! First off, a confession. These were a panic buy, over the internet and I hadn't tried them out. If you're thinking of buying some bins, this is just about the worst way to go about getting a pair! But 4 days before heading off to the Northwest of Scotland, my trusty Opticron bins finally gave up the ghost and broke. So, cue a mass panic, a pathetic amount of research involving little more than magnification and price, I found these at a super-reduced price from I found them on the Wednesday, paid for them on the Thursday, they arrived on Friday and we left at 5 in the morning for Scotland on Saturday. (so, full marks to Uttings, if none to me for planning!)

As panic purchases go, however, this was a belter. The Bushnell Elite 8x42 are a cracking pair of bins. They're pretty lightweight and feel well made. The lenses are treated to stop moisture and oils sticking to them, maintaining great clarity in even the most persistent of Scottish mountain fog! They stood up well to the battering of the sea trips for gannets and the like and although no sea eagle was spotted, I don't feel like I can blame this on the bins. The salty spray didn't inhibit their performance much at all and were extremely easy to clean. They appear sturdy enough to withstand sand and dust as well.

Being able to focus each eye independently is useful for sure, although care has to be taken not to knock the lock off which holds the focus of the right eyepiece. You get great clarity, even at the edges of their viewing field and whilst they may not quite hit the Swarovski mark they give a superb account of themselves nonetheless. The BaK-4 roof prisms give a great account of themselves and the ED lenses deliver, I'm reliably told, 99.7% light transmission per lens. Good eh? RainGuard HD coating eliminates lens fogging, boosts brightness and scatters moisture effectively (Okay, I nicked that line from their website, I don't exactly know how it all works, but it does seem to do the job!) They come with objective lens caps that are supposed to stay on, but they can have a habit of working clear. This is easily solved by attaching them to the strap connectors with a couple of bits of cotton, guaranteeing they don't come off!

In six months i've not been too kind to them, yet still they perform, so thumbs up for them on durability point! If you're looking for a great pair of mid to top end bins, look at these before all others! I think they retail at about 750 but Uttings are selling them for about half that, so a cracking deal. You won't find better optics for less. There are two options 8x42 and 10x42, so take your pick and enjoy!

5 stars Bushnell; keep up the good work please!

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