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Twitcheruth 27-09-11 02:22 PM

Aw 2011
The new series of AW starts next Friday,October 7th.
It runs for 8 weeks with Michaela Strachan replacing Kate alongside Chris and should make for good TV!:)

PeterB 27-09-11 04:27 PM

Michaela I like. I hope she can override my dislike of Cwis.

Little Sparrow 27-09-11 06:42 PM

It is good news that Michaela will be presenting along with Chris (Peter really:eek:), we just need someone to replace hairy Martin now!

ijwilki 28-09-11 03:56 AM

Bring back Bloddy :rolleyes:

Twitcheruth 28-09-11 07:49 AM

I quite like Martin......must be his posh name and posh accent! lol:p

PeterB 28-09-11 07:50 AM

Michaela and Bill would work fine.

astafjevs 28-09-11 09:01 AM

Bring back Terry Nutkins; it'd be the Really Wild Autumnwatch Reunion.

PeterB 28-09-11 09:11 AM

The guy that does the nature segments on the One Show. I like him.

Twitcheruth 07-10-11 01:55 PM

Enjoy the prog tonight everyone!!!:)

Twitcheruth 08-10-11 10:22 AM

I was really disappointed with the programme last night.....there appeared to be very little new footage and the silliness between the 3 presenters was at times embarressing........I'd like to hope that it was first night/new presenter nerves and that things will improve over the next 7 weeks.:(

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