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Dave H 21-02-12 04:44 PM

Iphone birding app?
I was recently at Pennington Flash, chatting to a very helpful gent in one of the hides.
He used his (I think) Iphone which had a birding app on it. Something along the lines of the RSPB birds website including sounds, on his phone!
I want one, but have a (company) windows 6.5 HTC phone. Anyone come across birding apps for these?


Dave H 25-02-12 04:29 PM

Windows mobile birding app.
Well, seems that maybe the Iphone isn't used by our members here.

I had a further dig and found a piece of software (freeware) for the Windows mobile system. It's by Aviasoft and is their Pocket Birds of Europe 4.5. (today the website looks to be off-air).

It has entries for many birds (450 ish), each might have a simple hand-drawn image, a page of detailed info showing variations, sexes, a photo, a map of their extent and a text window. It pretty well contains more than any one of my books although the images are on a phone, so are small.
The really neat bit is that (for most birds) there is a recording of it's call.

Fun stuff, a bit of a clunky interface. Apparently a version can be run on a PC.

I'll try this in the field.


Edit, you can write and store notes for each bird.

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