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alan21 20-03-17 06:40 PM

Osprey back at Loch of Lowes
LM12 male osprey arrived back at the eyrie at the Loch of lowes
early, he started to rebuild and line the eyrie, ahead of the female
it always makes you feel good when these magnificent birds are back.
I am looking forward to calling in on the Trout farm at Yarrow to meet Steve.

dales birder 21-03-17 12:01 AM

Good news Alan,we will need to keep a look out for them passing through our area as they seem to use the line of the rivers for their navigation.

alan21 22-03-17 02:01 PM

Well the male has been really busy, he has built up the sides
of the eyrie and now he has lined the cup, if the female, isn't
pleased I will be very surprised, its great having them back.
We look forward to calling on our way north.

dales birder 23-03-17 11:56 AM

We may get chance to call in when we head North to the islands Alan,it's a lovely little reserve and very welcoming.

Tony F 23-03-17 12:25 PM

Always a bit of a relief when established Ospreys return to their summer haunts. Very welcome news indeed


alan21 23-03-17 04:28 PM

Family now complete LF15 arrived today at 1.30 pm and just like
a woman, she remade the nest, but the pair are happily
going about their business. All the best to all our birds
for the 2017 season.

Woody1 23-03-17 07:10 PM

Good to read that Osprey's are returning came across this just now thought some might like to see.

alan21 26-03-17 06:18 PM

Thanks Woody for the link, I forgot that bit.

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