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brrttpaul 15-01-18 08:31 PM

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Hi all, managed to get my first sighting ever of a Hawfinch so thought I would share with you

Tony F 15-01-18 09:04 PM

Congratulations on your first Hawfinch (still waiting for mine), and thanks for sharing your superb pictures.

The bird was evidently feeding from a "baited" tree stump; can you reveal where it was?


hawkeye 16-01-18 12:25 PM

cracking pictures thanks and well done, a bird I have yet to see.

dales birder 20-01-18 10:38 AM

Hawkeye,if you still want to add Hawfinch to your list there is a bit of an influx of them just down the road from you near the West gate entrance of Fountains Abbey. 10 + birds feeding on the Yew berries.If,like me,you are not a member of the National Trust they can often be seen from the West gate car park just requires a bit of patience.

Little Sparrow 20-01-18 02:13 PM

Splendid images of the Hawfinch and congratulations on it being a Lifer!

hawkeye 20-01-18 02:43 PM

Thanks dales birder. may try to get over in the morning,
as that's a bit nearer than Castle Howard where we
were going to try.

dales birder 20-01-18 05:13 PM

The arboretum at Castle Howard where they have been seen is closed until next month so you have to play round the hoses to see the birds.Fountains is easy if they are showing. Good hunting.

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