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Old 09-09-13, 08:10 PM
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Default BUK's forthcoming makeover!

Hi All,

I've spent a lot of time deliberating over the upgrade - let's call it BUK Mk2 for simplicity - and I'm glad to announce I'm almost there!

I'd like to get BUK Mk2 in place before the end of the month, so I'd like to use the run-up to have discussions with the Members to canvass opinion.

Why change? The current site lacks the connectivity and functions to take it forward and make it even more engaging.

Good news is that I can take most of the current content into BUK Mk2 and the functionality will remain very similar.

So I think the best plan is to launch BUK Mk2 with pretty much the same functionality as it is now.

Once complete and settled down we can bring in some of the new functions as not to overwhelm everybody.

So, in the run-up I'd like to do the following...
  1. Discuss a definitive Forum List
  2. Prune down and remove forums which are no longer relevant or required.
  3. Revisit the suggestions and create a definitive wish list.
  4. Listen to any other suggestions going forward.
Thanks for reading and I look forward to your feedback.

Neil Rigby
Birding UK
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Old 14-10-13, 04:42 PM
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Just a personal note, but, I find it a little awkward to view images, posted by members, that are far too large for easy viewing. Pehraps not all know how to reduce their images. I note that many websites will either automatically reduce to suit, or may not accept images over a given size...

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