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Neil Rigby 05-01-15 06:00 PM

Hi Everyone,

Sorry about the lack of service over the Christmas Holidays. :eek:

There was an issue with the domain and the lack of support from the Registrar. :mad:

It took a good old fashioned phone call to sort it out and thankfully we are back. :D

Ironically I was negotiating putting the Forum on a Cloud server when this happened!

More about this later!

Happy New Year!

hawkeye 05-01-15 06:16 PM

Well done Neil and a happy new year to you and your family.

Tony F 05-01-15 08:04 PM


Thought it had gone for good!

Happy new year to one and all :D


Woody1 08-01-15 05:01 PM

Thank you for sorting every thing out with the forum.
Very nice to see the forum back I also thought that it might of gone or was high jacked.
Happy New Year everyone.

MadEye 08-01-15 05:36 PM

Great work sorting things out Neil.

Happy New Year everyone. :)

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