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carolinaa 28-06-16 08:10 PM

Adopted jackdaw with beak issue. Help please?
Hi, was hoping someone could maybe she's some light on a problem with the young jackdaw we are caring for (brought to us as a fledgling a few weeks ago after our friend's brother in law picked him up to feed to shis snake!)
He has been doing very well. Was seen at the vets on Friday and is gaining weight nicely, and doing everything he should be (apart from being wild).
Yesterday, I noticed that the very tips of his beak aren't meeting properly... Sort of crossing over. Then today,it could be my imagination,but it seems to me to have gotten slightly more pronounced.
I don't wish to take him back toour vet, as I don't think she's overly knowledgeable about birds,so am looking for another.
In the meantime, does anyone know what this thing with his beak could be?
Thanks in advance

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