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Old 07-02-14, 02:46 PM
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Default They should cut off their hands ??

Wildlife Extra News - UK investigation leads to conviction of three Swedish egg collectors

Why do they do it only to put them in drawers for them to gloat over. Chop their hands off, what do you think. ??
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Old 07-02-14, 04:47 PM
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Amputation is a disproportionate punishment, in my view.

The penalty should reflect the crime in the broader scheme of things, and take place along with education. I'm sure serial egg thieves ( whom I am convinced have autistic tendencies) have a lot of valuable knowledge which could, with help, be put to use in regard to research and conservation.

I'm sure this may be a minority opinion.
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Old 07-02-14, 11:28 PM
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I assume this isn't a rhetorical question.

At the risk of being pilloried, I can actually see the attraction that birds' eggs exert over some people, though those who serially collect and trade in eggs seem to have a rather extreme response to that attraction. Speaking for myself, when I first developed an interest in birds at around the age of ten, like many of my contemporaries, egg collecting seemed a logical and harmless extension of the action of finding and seeing birds. That said, I was often told by my elders that it was wrong to do so, and to be fair, my collection never amounted to much. Actually, one of my most vivid memories of those early days was being given his quite extensive (and to me, thrilling) collection of eggs by our neighbour's son, who was off to do his National Service and had outgrown the hobby as a teenager. As did I.

These days of course, I know better and would never even risk disturbing a nest site let alone take eggs. But I still get a thrill seeing birds' eggs in museums and the like; they're so intrinsically beautiful I can still understand the desire to "own" them. That doesn't mean I condone egg collecting, and I do think more resources should be put into wildlife crime in general, including egg collecting. Certainly these sentences seem light, and more deterrent measures should be taken. But cutting off of hands goes a bit far don't you think?


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