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Little Sparrow 22-01-17 12:34 PM

A close encounter!
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I spotted a Fox in our garden this morning on the shed roof! I hadn't long put food ground food out for the birds! Luckily Reynard left without a 'bird brekkie'!

Tony F 22-01-17 05:53 PM

We do see foxes occasionally in our locality but never had one in the garden. So far as I know anyway.

What we do get are rats. Not often, but regularly enough to discourage me from putting ground food down for the birds unfortunately. Next door, however, spreads bread all over the place, then complains about the vermin, which he says are brought by the people two doors further away who keep chickens. He may have a point, but :rolleyes:.


alan21 22-01-17 06:16 PM

We have foxes come down our street, they frighten the local cats.
Glad you got a picture Judith.

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