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Tony F 07-08-15 06:53 PM

Logged in issues.
Over the past few days, whenever I've tried to post a reply to a thread I get told that I'm not logged in, even when I am. That is to say that when I log in I get the usual "welcome" message, but if I try to expand thumbnail photographs, or comment on a thread I'm asked to log in again. When I do, and try to post, I get the same message.

Now, this seems to have resolved itself since I got home; has anyone else had this problem?


PeterB 07-08-15 07:30 PM

Have you just upgraded to Windows 10? I just did. Still sorting weird stuff like that out.

But the stock answer for those kind of problems is to clear your cache.It usually works.

Tony F 07-08-15 10:12 PM

Thanks Peter, but no, not planning on upgrading to Windows 10; not until it's been thoroughly de-bugged anyhow. As for emptying my cache, this sounds like a good idea, but I have no clue how to do it...:o

Erm - help please?


PeterB 08-08-15 12:26 AM

If it's stopped doing it then leave well enough alone. But, which browser are you using?

Woody1 08-08-15 08:10 PM

Had the same problem today had to reset password as it would not let me log in with my password and after five attempts locked me out for 15 minutes

Tony F 08-08-15 09:40 PM


Originally Posted by PeterB (Post 117888)
If it's stopped doing it then leave well enough alone. But, which browser are you using?

Google Chrome for everything except my online subscription to Birdwatch, which for some reason doesn't work on Chrome. Pocketmags suggest IE for that.


PeterB 08-08-15 11:31 PM

Multi browser syndrome. I have this myself with certain accounts that will and won't work on chrome / IS and firefox. Its bleedin frustrating and had gotten worse with Windows 10 as we now have edge as a browser too.

Tony F 10-08-15 12:56 PM

Weirdly enough, having sorted itself out, the login problem reoccurred last night. I wanted to reply to this post so checked before doing so that the page had me as logged in. Then as soon as I clicked on "post reply" my login disappeared and I was told to login again. So I did so, and exactly the same thing happened.

The only difference between last night and now is that I was using a different wifi provider last night, and I'm back to my usual one today, and thinking about it, the problem has only occurred when I've not been using my "home" wifi (Sky). It's never made a difference before so I assume something must have changed with this site? Any other explanations will be read (if not understood) with interest.


PeterB 10-08-15 01:06 PM

That is bizarre. Some coffee shops and the like do place restrictions on some websites but there is no reason BUK would be on Starbucks black list!

This is almost certainly a cookie issue as your login credentials are held there. I'd try by deleting the BUK cookies and re-logging in afresh. in Chrome goto :-

Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Privacy > Content Settings > Cookies > All Cookies and Site Data

You can find in the list and delete them there.

Tony F 10-08-15 08:17 PM

Ok Peter, thanks. I'll give that a try.

All I can add to what I wrote above is that the wifi provider makes clear that their provision cannot be guaranteed as secure, but they are a large operation employed by a well known national camping and caravaning club to provide on-site wifi. It can get a bit clunky at times, but apart from this it's fine. And no, I can't see why BUK should be problematic for them, especially when I can log in with no initial problem.


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