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ADRIAN K 20-12-16 12:41 PM

Adrian's Days Out 2017
This year’s thread will include all my trips to reserves and local field trips with many Garden Watch updates.

I know many people on here are against Captive Collections but unfortunately due to a lack of cash for trips abroad, I would love to be able to do trips abroad but are unable at the moment so have to do with Captive collections to see what I have missed out in the wild from other countries.

My garden watch will include sightings from my garden including flyovers and birds seen in the tree’s and fields just behind my garden.

Birds seen from my front garden will also be included along with birds seen in the street from my front garden.

My list of visits for 2017 include the following up to the end of June 2017 –

Rutland water (Egleton, Lyndon reserves and the Dam area)
Sandwell Valley RSPB
Upton Warren Nature Reserve
Llanelli WWT
Slimbridge WWT
Bempton Cliffs
Flamborough head
Burton Mere
Titchfield Haven
Lieghton Moss
Chester Zoo
London Zoo
Blackpool Zoo
Hagley Falconry Centre
Dudley Zoo
Birmingham Nature Centre
Birmingham Sea Life Centre
Birdland Gardens
Cotswold Falconry Centre
Cotswold Wildlife Park
Living Coast

I will be looking to see which trips the Stourbridge Local RSPB Group Will be going on from September to November for other updated trips and possible Captive collections for July to December could include –

Twycross Zoo
Rodbaston collection
World of Owls
Wild Zoological Park.
Croc World

So, here’s looking forward to a busy 2017 with many great opportunities for great photographs and many species of birds both Wild and Captive

ADRIAN K 01-01-17 07:39 PM

Here we go again another year to try and spot that MEGA that no one else has reported well we can all dream.

Today I had planned on spending quite a bit of time in my garden but unfortunately the weather put a halt to that plan, so I had to do with glimpses through the window as the rain kept on coming and coming.

First list of the year birds seen in the garden only -

Nuthatch (1), Wood pigeon (2), Blue tit (3), Blackbird (4), Carrion crow (5), Great spotted woodpecker (6), Magpie (7), Great tit (8), Goldfinch(9), House sparrow (10), Chaffinch (11), Robin (12), Jackdaw (13), Wren (14) & Dunnock (15).

Hoping for better weather as the week goes on as I will be Visiting Rutland on Saturday (7th Jan), Egleton reserve only at present but will be doing the Dam area and Lyndon Reserve when the Osprey's return.

Only managed a few photographs today due to the weather but did get -

Wood pigeon (1), Dunnock (2), Nuthatch (3), Blackbird (4) & Chaffinch (5) so only 99 to go as I have reset my total for the year.

ADRIAN K 03-01-17 08:05 AM

Local fields
This was the first time I had a chance to walk round the field directly behind my garden in full for some time. I decided to enter the field via the main entry point at the end of the road this was nearly a bad mistake as the frost had melted away and turned the slope into a skid area with nothing to hold onto.

Bright with the sun low in the sky to my right as I walked around the field still frost on the ground in some area’s but mainly damp and slippery around the outer of the field

I didn’t expect much as I hadn’t had that much in the garden over the last few days but did manage to get a few ticks for this year’s list and a few more species on photographs


Starling (16), Lesser black backed gull (17), Collared dove (18), Robin, Blackbird, Magpie, Wood pigeon, Blue tit, Goldfinch, Carrion crow, Redwing (19), Song thrush (20), Dunnock, Wren, Fieldfare (21), Herring gull (22), Chaffinch, Linnet (23), Jay (24), Long tailed tit (25) & Bullfinch (26)


Song thrush (6), Lesser black backed gull (7), Carrion crow (8), Redwing (9) & Robin (10)

ADRIAN K 03-01-17 11:57 AM

Just added Great Spotted woodpecker (11) to my Photographs list seen in my back garden

ADRIAN K 03-01-17 02:38 PM

Just added the following to my photographed list -

Coal tit (12), goldfinch (13), great TIT (14), House sparrow (15), Long tailed tit (16), Magpie (17), Starling (18) & Blue tit (19).

All taken in my garden from my computer desk over looking the garden.

ADRIAN K 04-01-17 06:19 PM

Out shopping today added Pied wagtail (27) & Black headed gull (28) to species seen list.

ADRIAN K 10-01-17 08:36 AM

Rutland water _ egleton reserve 07 01 2017
This was my first visit of the year arriving just before 8am on a very damp and misty morning but must admit it was warm for time of year.

Started by making my way towards the Bittern hide by walking slowly along the main path watching and listening to see what I could see and hear first thing as there was very little movement in either the bushes and scrub areas as well as overhead.

Didn’t make the Bittern hide on this trip but did start at the Shoveler hide, I was a little bewildered to see the water so low in this area as normally this time of year the water is virtually right up to the base of the hide and yet as you can see by my photograph it’s quite a distance away.

A little disappointed to see no waders on the muddied areas close to the hide in fact the only birds up close where a Moorhen and a couple of Teal females but never the less I spent around an hour in the hide hoping to get a sight of an early morning Bittern as most of the mist had now moved on.

Now on to the Lapwing Hide this over looks water areas named South Arm 3 and from the windows at the rear of the hide Lagoon 2 from which I managed to get great views of a male and 3 female Smew pretty close in to the hide.

I have been visiting Rutland since 2012 and it’s the first time I have had anything from the back of the Lapwing hide other than Grey Heron & Mallard, so to have Smew, Little Egret, Coot, Teal, Egyptian Goose & Tufted duck was a great morning for me.

Now onto the Dunlin Hide on lagoon 4 not too much to report from this hide or the Sandpiper Hide as water levels where really high (as usual for this time of year) only really noticed the usual suspects then a flash across the front of the hide and I eventually came across a Peregrine Falcon perched on the nesting towers for Osprey.

The peregrine hunted across the lagoon for around 45 minutes but to no avail and eventually flew off towards lagoon 2, I left just after the Peregrine had moved on.

I then decided to go for a walk towards the visitor centre and dropping in to the Osprey hide and Grebe Hide I did so but unfortunately there was hardly anything around these areas of water. So, I moved on to wards the Fieldfare hide from here I had great views of many water fowl and not too many species but the counts could have been the best I have had from this hide but I didn’t take a count but wish I had now.

On my next visit, possibly Feb or March I am going to take a count from each hide I visit, this will then give myself and others a good idea of what and how many are where.

From around the rest of the hides I visited there was nothing really to report only the usual suspects were present except for the Tern Hide were only Mallards were present on lagoon 6.

Had some great views from the Visitor Centre of Stonechat male and female did manage to get some photographs not brilliant but I’m happy with them. Also was able to check out a large flock of gulls over on the far bank and had Herring gull, Great black backed gull, Black headed gull & Lesser black backed gull among them did actually see them from the Mallard Hide but couldn’t get a good enough view to say exactly what they were.



Moorhen, Carrion crow, Jackdaw, Blackbird, Herring gull, Green woodpecker, Dunnock, Robin, Great spotted woodpecker, Redwing, Pheasant, Lapwing, Lesser black backed gull, Great tit, Wood pigeon, Reed bunting, Wren, Blue tit, Black headed gull, House sparrow & Greenfinch


Moorhen, Canada goose, Teal, Pintail, Shoveler, Mute swan, Wigeon, Gadwall, Tufted duck, Pochard, Red crested pochard, Goldeneye, Cormorant, Lapwing, Little egret, Coot, Grey heron, Shelduck & Great crested grebe


Coot, Mute swan, Gadwall, Great crested grebe, Tufted duck, Great white egret, Goosander, Little egret, Smew, Cormorant, Grey heron, Wigeon & Egyptian goose


Grey heron, Mute swan, Water rail, Moorhen, Black headed gull, Little egret, Robin, Gadwall, Pochard, & Coot


Mute swan, Wigeon, Shelduck, Coot, Pied wagtail, Black headed gull, Lapwing, Lesser black backed gull, Shoveler, Redwing, Goldfinch, Blackbird & Peregrine falcon.


Mute swan, Coot, Mallard, Goldeneye, Tufted duck, Wigeon, Great crested grebe, Pied wagtail, Curlew, Bullfinch, Great white egret, Little grebe, Grey heron, Lapwing, Gadwall, Goosander & Little egret


Mute swan, Black headed gull, Little egret, Teal, Coot, Gadwall, Reed bunting, Stonechat, Robin, Cormorant, Lapwing, Dunnock, Magpie, Grey heron, Lesser black backed gull, Wood pigeon, Herring gull, Great black backed gull, Blue tit & Great white egret

ADRIAN K 10-01-17 08:58 AM

Species seen so far 2017 cont'd -

Canada goose (29), Coot (30), Cormorant (31), Curlew (32), Egyptian goose (33), Gadwall (34), Goldeneye (35), Goosander (36), Great crested grebe (37), Great white egret (38), Green woodpecker (39), Greenfinch (40), Grey heron (41), Greylag goose (42), Lapwing (43), Little egret (44), Little grebe (45), Mallard (46), Moorhen (47), Mute swan (48), Peregrine falcon (49), Pheasant (50), Pintail (51), Pochard (52), Red crested pochard (53), Reed bunting (54), Shelduck (55), Shoveler (56), Smew (57), Stonechat (58), Teal (59), Tufted duck (60), Water rail (61) & Wigeon (62)

Species photographed so far in 2017 cont'd -

Black headed gull (20), Coot (21), Cormorant (22), Curlew (23), Egyptian goose (24), Gadwall (25), Goldeneye (26), Goosander (27),Great crested grebe (28), Great white egret (29), Greenfinch (30), Grey heron (31), Little grebe (32), Mallard (33), Moorhen (34), Mute swan (35), Peregrine falcon (36), Pied wagtail (37), Pintail (38), Red crested pochard (39), Reed bunting (40), Shoveler (41), Smew (42), Stonechat (43), Teal (44), Tufted duck (45) & Wigeon (46)

ADRIAN K 10-01-17 08:17 PM

Attenborough Nature Reserve 22 01 2017
Will be visiting Attenborough Nature Reserve on Sunday January 22nd.

This will be with the Stourbridge Local RSPB Group (a great group of people) and will be hoping to see Bittern to add to my year list.

Will hopefully be visiting Upton Warren Nature Reserve before then if not it will be just after hoping to pick up Redpoll, Siskin and Snipe to add to my year list.

If possible will try and visit Sandwell RSPB before end of January as well to try and spot Willow Tit.

ADRIAN K 15-01-17 02:43 PM

Seen in garden today in awful weather Sparrowhawk (63) & Siskin (64)

The Siskin have never been this early in my garden in a small flock I have had the odd male in early before but not 3m & 4f on the feeders.

Also added Collared Dove (47) & Bullfinch (48) to photograph list

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