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Old 25-03-16, 08:33 PM
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Default Hello From Devon

Hello from South Devon!

I'm a massive bird enthusiast, grew up with birds of prey (Kestrel, Buzzard, Barn Owl, Snowy Owl, Eagle Owl, Harris Hawk, Gyrfalcon, Saker)

now spend most of my time watching the small birds in the garden with my Daughter.

here for conversation, photography tips and learning more about attracting birds to the garden etc etc.
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Old 26-03-16, 08:54 PM
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Hello yourself, and welcome; it's great to see a new name on here.

I'm fascinated by your introduction; what did you do/where did you live to be able to "grow up" with such fabulous birds, some of which I've never seen after a lifetime of birding, albeit mainly in England.

Anyhow, hopefully there'll be a few of the regulars along soon to say "hello", and do please share your own experiences/photos/birds with those of us who inhabit this forum.

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Old 01-04-16, 10:02 PM
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Hi Tony!,

My Grandad used to keep/fly birds of prey and my uncle does now too, I've always loved falconry/keeping birds of prey. as I say though, mainly stick to watching Garden birds these days, although I now have a new fantastic walk to work and saw my first woodpecker for the first time in YEARS on the way home today, and on the way in I saw 2 Juve Male Blackbirds having a scrap and 1 very plucky Male Chaffinch ruffing himself up in a car wing mirror which was amusing haha.
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Old 02-04-16, 03:42 PM
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Hello devon man,welcome as Tony said that is some list I would love to see them

all but in the wild The Gyr is my main target, I also love B.O.P. but also the smaller

ones are just as nice, Long Tail Tits at this time of year are particularly great in their

summer pinkish plumage, and woodpeckers are all very active we were listening to a

greater tapping away with a lesser at the other side of the wood also tapping. Enjoy

on here and we would love to here your outings. Hope you dont mind 3 little ones I managed.
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Old 09-04-16, 10:54 PM
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Don't mind at all! great pics!

I'll have to dig some pictures out of birds I grew up with, my Grandad's main bird was a Common Buzzard, he has had it for years, it must be getting on for 20+ years old now.

as for my outings, I've recently moved and have a fantastic new walk to work, I saw my first Long Tailed Tit in years the other night walking the dog and I saw my first Woodpecker since childhood on the way home the other night too.

it's definitely Spring time, I saw 2 young Blackbirds having a good old scrap early morning and the same morning I saw a plucky little male Chaffinch having a go at it's own reflection in a car wing mirror haha.
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