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crisscross 23-11-17 04:48 PM

Hello from Suffolk

Just joining and hoping the more knowledgeable of you will be able to help with ID when Collins Bird Guide fails me!

I have slid into birding from general photography and having come to an area stiff with waders and now working out that Ducks are more than just Ducks

I mostly post at and, being in late 70s use Nikon 1 J5 relatively lightweight kit

hawkeye 23-11-17 05:47 PM

Hi Suffolk lad, and welcome, what part of Suffolk, its a lovely part of the world
with some great wildlife, do you ever go to Minsmear ?
hope you will show us some of your pictures
I use a Nikon D7100 with the 80-400 f 4.5

Tony F 23-11-17 06:18 PM

Welcome to what is indeed a very knowledgeable if rather quiet forum these days. That said, several of us do check in regularly, and who doesn't enjoy helping people to progress in this wonderful hobby? By the same token who doesn't enjoy showing off their knowledge :o. So ask away and enjoy the forum; I look forward to hearing of your exploits down there in lovely Suffolk.


Little Sparrow 24-11-17 01:09 PM

A warm welcome to the forum crisscross!

I will also look forward to hearing of and hopefully viewing some of your encounters in Suffolk.

crisscross 25-11-17 11:23 AM

thank you
thank you all for both warm welcome and solving my ID problem, general as well as specific.

I normally post to a photography orientated forum and often get no help with IDs. PS I got thrown out of World Photography Forum some years back and Bird Forum along with it owned by the same guys who seemed keener on raking in advertising cash than giving members a democratic voice.

hawkeye 25-11-17 05:20 PM

If you are near to Dunwich Heath that's a great spot for Dartford Warbler
and not far from there is stone Curlew. There is also Hen reedbed reserve
and Havergate, I know there are lovely spots up and down that coast.

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