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Bbracken 05-01-18 06:20 PM

Hi There
Bernard here, recently joined following my return from the Middle East where I lived and birded for 4 years. Looking forward to getting to know a few people on here.

Little Sparrow 06-01-18 09:55 AM

A warm welcome to the forum Bernard. I expect you encountered some super birds/wildlife in the Middle East!

Enjoy your UK birding, I shall look forward to reading of your sightings.

hawkeye 06-01-18 04:35 PM

Hi Bernard welcome I am sure all members look forward to hearing from you, and your birding outings.

ijwilki 07-01-18 04:35 PM

Hi Bernard, welcome to the forum. I spent over 4 years in Abu Dhabi 2009 - 2013. Had some good times birding out there.

Tony F 07-01-18 06:15 PM

A belated welcome from me too Bernard. Look forward to retrospectives on your Middle East birding and to accounts of your UK birding.


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