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Old 09-03-11, 10:22 PM
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Default Steiner Skyhawk 10 x 42

I recently purchased a pair of Steiner Skyhawk 10 x 42 and now wonder how I ever managed without them. Since stepping up from a pair of Nikon 8 x 42 to these I haven't felt the need to take my scope on any recent trips. The image is very sharp and clear even in poor lighting conditions and the focus knob is very easy to adjust even with cold hands. I would highly recommend these to anyone considering buying a pair of bins around the 400 pound mark.
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Old 23-12-12, 12:09 PM
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Default Steiner Skyhawk 10 x 42

Having a pair of these for Xmas, tried them out outside the shop and they seem fab except that as I'm trying to look thro the eyepiece there seems to be black rings appearing, the chap in the shop said that I had to try to get my eyes at a 'right angle' to the eyepiece and would get used to it, anyone else have this problem, not just with Steiners but with any binoculars?
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Old 23-12-12, 02:28 PM
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This is the "blackout" feature of some bins. We see it more on small bins (8x25/21) where it is important to align them with the eyes in order to stop the blackouts appearing. I understand that this is usually more of a problem for wearers of glasses. Some makes/models are reported to be more prone to blackout than others.
The effect varies greatly according to how much eye relief is built in to the eye-cups.
I have a pair of 8x32 cheapies that do not have enough eye relief for me (I don't think I'm unusual in this repect), these gave horrible black crescents as I looked through them in any way off axis. These might be great for glasses wearers!

Welcome to the forum, hope that you enjoy your bins.

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Old 23-12-12, 09:37 PM
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Hm. Not sure about the shop guy's explanation, but there are number of factors here. There first thing is to get the tubes the right distance apart for your eyes. Everybody has to do this. Secondly, do you wear specs? If you do, make sure the eyepieces are both screwed IN as far as possible. If you don't, play with the amount of eye relief available by screwing the eyepieces OUT a little at a time until the effect you describe is minimised.

Enjoy your new bins.

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