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Little Sparrow 14-10-17 02:13 PM

A tasty lunch!
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A tasty lunch.............. for a frog!

Tony F 14-10-17 03:03 PM


Somehow I knew this wouldn't be about a bacon and black pudding butty:cool:.

Good pics though. How long did it take to go down? I watched a heron swallow a rat the other day, but it had quite a struggle...


Little Sparrow 15-10-17 10:15 AM

From spotting the frog next to the greenhouse and fetching my camera from the house it was I would say 3-4 minutes! I have never seen a frog eat anything before this sighting.

That was an awesome sight I would imagine with the heron and rat! :eek:

You really must take a camera on your walks Tony!;)

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