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Old 11-12-17, 10:04 PM
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Default Brown with mustard eye stripe?

This could be the worst identification post ever as I have no picture and I'm hoping my description may suffice!
I'm really struggling to ID a bird I saw perched above a bush near Askham bog in York (farmland near bog). I've trawled my books and Google images without luck.
It was just larger than a robin, but giving a very rotund appearance, proportionally small narrow head (similar to robin) tucked into round chest. There was a smooth, very soft or fluffy chestnut brown head and a strikingly distinct thick mustard eye stripe. The back and wings were a very plain chestnut brown, front pale with very light, barely noticeable spotting next to wings.
The mustard eye stripe was the most striking thing to me- thought about warblers but I'm sure it was quite bigger.
I recognise this may be a laughably futile post but it's frustrating me and any suggestions might help!
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Old 12-12-17, 03:19 PM
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Take a look at a Redwing.
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Originally Posted by Blackkite View Post
Take a look at a Redwing.
Sounds like a very good call to me.
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